Isenberg produces a full range of high quality decorative brass kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures. Isenberg Bath Corporation is headquartered in Irving, Texas, USA and has distribution and stocking warehouses in Irving, Texas and Pune, India. It also has offices Krefeld, Germany, Mumbai, India and Dubai, UAE. At Isenberg we understand that water is the most important natural resource and life cannot thrive without it.

The technology that goes into our products helps us deliver superior quality bath systems that are also ecomatic. Isenberg fixtures feature KIWA, WRAS and NSF certified components because we know that our customers expect nothing but the best from us.


Isenberg's fixtures have been designed to suit every mood, because we appreciate the fact that you are an individual first. If you like the minimalism of the new millennium, you will see the cleanest lines in a Isenberg fixture that respects how you look at your space and your desire to maximize it.

If you dig the 70s, the flawless curves of some of our series will have you loving the plush sensuality of the construction. And for those who believe the best is a good mix of both older and newer eras, well, you won’t be disappointed either. We have also put in the same thoughtfulness in our universal fittings because such products usually see the most intensive use.


Isenberg products are manufactured using a global manufacturing, designing and quality control infrastructure. Our design and sourcing units work seamlessly together with our manufacturing arms in Europe and Asia to deliver world class engineering at affordable prices.

Our globalized infrastructure enables us to bring to our customers the benefits of better access to raw materials, cheaper technical talent and easier warehousing & logistics. Isenberg’s multi-geographic and multi-cultural team is best positioned to service the global market.


Tested to the highest standards, Isenberg products offer easily available spare parts, a comprehensive 10 year warranty, a service helpline and a nationwide pre-sales & after-sales service network.

Every Isenberg faucet passes through over 100 hand inspections during the manufacturing process to ensure the final product exactly matches design and finish specifications. Handles are randomly turned on and off 200,000 times followed by rigorous air and water testing cycles to ensure leak-proof performance for years.

All Isenberg products are made with the user in mind. We deploy continuously updated smart technologies with constant product innovation to make our customers’ experience seamless and hassle free.



If you need assistance you may reach us one of several ways:

PHONE - +91 8087 500 700

We are available: Monday - Friday 10.00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Indian Standard Time.

EMAIL - info@isenberg.in

MAIL - You can also mail or visit us at our Corporate Office:

Isenberg India Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 05 Survey No. 44
Pisoli, Pune - 411060


Isenberg products are designed to last a lifetime. Every Isenberg product is an expression of the best global practices that go into creating artistic and technological masterpieces. We ensure that our faucets, fixtures, and showerheads are free of defects in material and workmanship. Quality is controlled via hundreds of hours of tests, that check the user-friendliness, resilience and the durability of every Isenberg faucet and bath fixture. Which is why our products come to you with the Isenberg Promise: A Lifetime service warranty.




  1. The moment you buy an Isenberg product the warranty period on it starts.
  2. Within the Promise period (2 – Years for Health Faucets and LED Showers) you are welcome to call our nationwide Toll-Free Helpline at 1800-120-20 30 40 or our WhatsApp Line “+91 7387 50 20 20” if you believe an Isenberg product is faulty or performing below your expectations. Isenberg will within 48 hours of receiving a request allocate an Isenberg technical representative to contact you and fix up a mutually agreeable time for a personal visit.  
  3. Products installed at Commercial sites are warranted for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.
  4. Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) must be provided with all warranty claims or requests. In case of Isenberg fixtures that come installed in a new home that you purchase, you need not provide a sales receipt.
  5. If a warranty claim is initiated for a product installed outside the serviceable limits of Isenberg’s Authorized Service Personnel, all expenses incurred including to and fro travel will have to be borne by the customer.
  6. If our technical representative is of the opinion that an operational defect is directly connected to defective material or workmanship, he will, at his sole option, repair or replace the defective component, part, or product.
  7. If any part of the product has to be replaced or repaired due to general wear and tear, that particular part will be charged on actuals.
  8. Only Isenberg India Pvt. Ltd. or its authorized service representative can service or repair an Isenberg product.
  9. In the event of any repairs or replacement of any parts of the product, this warranty shall thereafter continue and remain in force only for the unexpired period of the warranty. Any time consumed for the repair or replacement of parts, including the transit of the product or its parts or any period during which the product has not been used whether under warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the warranty period and no extension of the warranty period will be granted.
  10. Isenberg Warranty remains applicable only if the products have at all times been used in accordance with the terms of this warranty and maintained in accordance with the maintenance guidelines given.
  11. This warranty does not include payment of or responsibility for any excise duty, central taxes, state taxes, and octroi or other local taxes assessed to the parts supplied or repaired during the warranty period.
  12. The sole remedy for any defect in an Isenberg product will be limited to the repair or replacement of such product at Isenberg's option. Isenberg's liability under no circumstance will exceed the sales price of the product.
  13. Isenberg will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages whatsoever arising out of the use or inability to use Isenberg products.
  14. Isenberg shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential or any other damage or cost or expense including but not limited to loss of profit, uninstalling, transportation, handling or re-installing.
  15. Any defective part or product that is replaced will become the property of Isenberg.
  16. This warranty does not cover any damages caused due to acts of nature and force majeure.



Your involvement is precious. Please follow the guidelines below to enjoy your water experience with Isenberg for life and retain the health of the product:

  1. Always use a soft sponge lightly dampened or a wet soft towel to wipe an Isenberg product clean. Use a bathing soap solution a few times a week will help keep the plated surfaces clean and free from any deposits.
  2. Never use a bristled brush or a scouring pad or any other rough kitchen cleaning pad to clean an Isenberg product.
  3. Never use any type of cleaning agent or liquids which contain acids, bleach, alcohol or ammonia.
  4. Never use salt or vinegar-based cleaning products to remove limescale or related stains. This will permanently damage the surface of your Isenberg product.
  5. After cleaning the faucet, make sure you rinse the product and wipe the entire surface dry. Always blot dry water from chrome surfaces. If you allow water drops to evaporate on its own, this will result in mild salt deposits which will get more prominent over time.
  6. Always dab a faucet or fixture dry. Do not rub forcefully.
  7. Never use acidic agents to clean your bathroom tiles and surfaces. The fumes formed will react with the brass in Isenberg products and the outer finish will get damaged permanently with layers of green and yellow patches.





Isenberg warranty shall not apply to the following:

  1. Natural wear and tear.
  2. Defects arising out of damages caused due to negligence, mishandling, improper storage, improper installation, misuse or improper repair by an unauthorized person or any maintenance activity that is done in a manner contrary to written instructions provided by Isenberg.
  3. Problems arising from insufficient or excessive water pressure or water impurities.
  4. Defects arising out of damages caused due to intentional and/or accidental use of cleaners containing abrasive cleansers, ammonia, bleach, hair dye, acids, wax, alcohol, solvents, bath oil or bath salts.
  5. Problems arising due to cleaning with coarse cloth bristled brushes or due to sun or chemical exposure.
  6. Damage resulting from incorrect installation, repair, abuse, alteration or adjustment performed by a contractor or user himself.
  7. Damage resulting from failing to reasonably care and maintain the product.
  8. Flexible hoses and Accessories.



A Little Care Is All It Takes...

We have enumerated important details on how to ensure the quality of your new faucet is maintained over time. Remember, a little care is all it takes to keep your Isenberg faucet for life. Regular use of a soft cloth rinsed in warm water and/or non-abrasive dish-washing soap will keep an Isenberg faucet’s finish looking clean and new. All you need to do is apply some common methods to keeping the finish quality of the product intact:


Wipe water from faucets after each use. If you let water drops dry on the faucet it may cause unsightly spotting and also lead to build-up. Use a soft damp cloth, warm water and/or typical non-abrasive dishwashing soap to wipe clean.


Use abrasive cleansers like acid or organic solvents or abrasive cloths on your faucets. Let any sharp-edged implement like a knife or tweezers come in contact with the faucet.




Debris In The Water Line...

During the construction of a new home or when installing a faucet it is possible that dust, debris and other undesirable elements may fall in the water lines. Isenberg’s advice is that, as a precaution, you carry out these cleaning procedures on all your faucets: 

Unscrew the aerator from the spout of the faucet. Do it gently, carefully.

After turning on the cold and hot water supply, turn the faucet handle to the fully open cold position. Run the water for a few minutes until all dust and debris has cleared the valve. Then close the faucet handle. Repeat this step for hot water.

Rinse the aerator’s cone-shaped screen to eliminate debris in it.

Screw the aerator back into the spout and check for any leaks. Do this carefully. Ensure the aerator is properly secured.


Isenberg understands that water is the most important natural resource because life cannot thrive otherwise. 

The fact that only 3 per cent of water on Earth is ideal for human consumption has driven the most important aspect of how we design our faucets: 

They have to minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing water delivery. This is the main reason why there are no high-flow fixtures in our product range, simply because it is wasteful. The technology that goes into our products helps us deliver bath systems that do not merely rely on the volume of water that is available. Our idea is to create faucets that enhance your water experience by using technologies that allow greater body to every drop. We believe that excess does not necessarily mean more. That is where world class Neoperl® aerators are put to work. This tried and tested system infuses adequate amount of air into every drop of water, giving it great body and smoothness. The flow comes through in a full cylindrical stream, recreating the effect of a natural stream. 

It is a known fact that due to minor leaks in faucet systems, very high quantities of water is wasted annually across the globe. At Isenberg, no effort is spared to ensure bath systems are free of such criminal waste of water. Our products will work for you for years without leaks.  

Isenberg products are UPC certified and feature KIWA, WRAS and NSF certified ceramic cartridge technology. This state-of-the-art system ensures that even heavy duty water delivery systems from the house of Isenberg do not develop leaks even in the long run and maintenance is almost zero. These tests also ensure that single-lever water mixing and volume control is accurate and faultless.

With these two simple approaches - fixing enough bubbles in a water stream and ensuring 100 per cent leak free systems - Isenberg creates a planet that is comfortable but green. We believe that these two qualities are not mutually exclusive.